This online jewelry marketplace makes selling diamonds fast, easy and secure

Diamonds can be forever, but that doesn’t mean they have to be in your life forever. Whether it’s a sparkling family heirloom tucked away in a safe or an old engagement ring you want to forget, there are plenty of reasons we might choose to forgo precious jewelry. .

But wanting to sell diamonds is one thing, and finding someone who is ready to achieve their true worth is another. Whether it’s an old friend, consignment shop, jeweler, or market, it’s hard to find someone you trust who will pay the true market price, which can explain why. – that is why most of us avoid it altogether.

This eternal struggle to sell diamonds is the reason why the jewelry auction site Worthy has been created. An online marketplace for jewelry, Worthy is a smart auction platform that has been designed to connect sellers with buyers who know the true value of quality jewelry. Whether you want to part with an already beloved engagement ring, pendant or bracelet, Worthy will give you the best price for your value.

What used to be a stressful and time consuming sales process is effectively streamlined with Worthy. For starters, every part you ship to them is insured for up to $ 100,000 before it’s even ready for auction, giving you complete peace of mind. Once your item is in Worthy’s New York office, their team of experts take care of everything including photography, cleaning, and professional scoring reports. Before, during and after the auction, Worthy has dedicated auction managers available to address any concerns the buyer or seller has. Better yet, you can set your own reserve price. As a seller, you have full control over the auction process. And when the auction ends, you get paid fast!

It is this consumer-centric approach that sets Worthy apart from other jewelry markets. You can have peace of mind knowing that someone is working on offer you the best possible offer – the one you rightly deserve. Diamonds might not last forever, but with Worthy you can turn its value into a fresh start. To start.