Mejuri, a popular online jewelry startup, has a collection of unique engagement rings – most under $ 2,000

Connie chenSep 3, 2020, 10:51 PM IST

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The pragmatic romantic in me must be wondering if I really want someone to spend thousands of dollars on a engagement ring that’s overly showy, expensive, and not something I would really like to wear every day? It’s an easy no on my part, but it seems like the option many feel pressured to take just because everyone else is doing it and there aren’t many choices available otherwise.

Canadian jewelry startup Mejuri stepped in with his own interpretation of engagement rings and alliances to prevent couples from wasting money on pieces that don’t match their personality or style. The collection features various cuts, asymmetrical frames, pretty gemstones, and a half-size convention, all to emphasize a ‘non-typical’ approach. that has always characterized the online business.

Engagement rings range from $ 650 for a pear cut, peach morganite and diamond ring at $ 2,200 for one round diamond cluster ring, while wedding rings cost just $ 215 for a band in solid yellow or white gold at $ 975 for one diamond encrusted headband. Rings and rings pair beautifully, whether you balance a more intricate design with a simple ring or play up the sparkle of a ring by introducing additional diamonds on the ring.

They are made with high quality and durable materials including solid 14k gold, Gemological Institute of America graded gemstones, and conflict free diamonds. Rings made to order can be engraved with up to 30 characters to make them more personal and truly unique.

Mejuri also offers 45-minute sessions with a stylist in its Toronto showroom or remotely via video chat, who can give in-depth advice and ring sizing in a private, low-pressure environment.

If the choices of die-cut jewelry chains overwhelm you or inspire disappointment rather than excitement, Mejuri wedding rings and wedding rings will remind you that there are unique and affordable alternatives.

We’ve featured some of our favorite rings and ring combinations below. Buy all engagement and wedding rings from Mejuri here.

An eye-catching cluster of diamonds of different sizes

An eye-catching cluster of diamonds of different sizes


Diamond cluster ring, $ 2,200, available at MejuriThe Band, $ 265, available at Mejuri