Krystal Versace’s 10 Best Outfits

RuPaul’s Drag Race crowned its youngest winner ever, and most fans would agree that Krystal Versace deserves to be called the UK’s Next Drag Superstar. Representing Kent on the runway, she had viewers gagging and gagging all season long, as she served up one gorgeous look after another and showed off her impeccable taste and unique style.

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As fans eagerly await the 2022 premiere of RPDR season 14, it’s a perfect time to honor the reigning Queen of the United Kingdom by looking back on some of her best outfits from Season 3. These iconic runway looks highlight how polished, stylish and true to her Krystal can be. mark of “sex on legs”.


Promotional look

Krystal Versace wears an orange outfit for her promo look.

Her very first look released to the public no doubt prompted fans to take to Krystal Versace’s Instagram account to find out what the potential fashion queen has to offer. The stunning orange bodysuit with frilly sleeves and a puffy trail is perfectly decorated by its gold jewelry and transparent heels.

The sickening outfit and confident introduction would immediately cement her as a person to watch in the competition. Fans won’t soon forget his bold statement on drag during the promo: “In a world with so many rules, F the rules.”

Red carpet spotlight (episode 2)

Even Michelle Visage couldn’t deny that green can look good on someone, especially if that person serves as the “Goddess of the Emerald City” on the track like Krystal does in the “Dragoton” episode. After a hilarious performance on the maxi challenge, the Queen wows both judges and viewers with her rendition of a red carpet dress.

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She serves up a classic illusion that seasoned drag queens would recognize and be proud of. Every little detail – from her short blonde wig to her cinched waist – is absolute perfection. It’s no surprise that she got the win for the episode.

Campfire Sewing (Episode 3)

Krystal wearing her Campfire look in RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 3.

Although she is one of the youngest queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the youngest winner in the history of the competition, Krystal has shown that she can shine in sewing challenges, even those that require the use of unconventional materials. It couldn’t be more unusual than the episode “Great Outdoors”, as Mama Ru instructs the queens to use outdoor items like sleeping bags to create stunning outfits.

Krystal manages to use tent stakes and picnic blankets to create a phenomenal outfit that appears to belong to a high fashion collection. She reveals it’s “the most uncomfortable thing” she’s ever worn in an Instagram post, but “the pain doesn’t matter” when she can serve it all!

Feeling Fruity (Episode 6)

Krystal Versace wears a pomegranate-inspired outfit for Feeling Fruity in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

Krystal’s performance in Snatch Game might not have impressed the judges, but she did at least put “drag in dragon fruit” on the track that night. At this point, she has already shown the judges and fans that she has a specific flirting style and that they can always expect to see more creative and jaw-dropping outfits every week.

Although she was programmed to have her figure similar to her Campfire Couture look, no one can deny that the fruity outfit is delightfully campy but fashionable at the same time. Fans may recall this is also the episode where RuPaul drops the iconic line that Krystal was “born to be a drag queen” – she probably already felt like a winner after hearing that. .

A night of a thousand spices (episode 4)

Krystal Versace wears a baby blue coat for Night of a Thousand Spice Girls in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

Who could forget Krystal’s epic rendition of ‘classic Baby Spice reality’, served in front of Emma Lee Bunton herself? The reigning queen pointed out her incredible eye for detail and captured her BDE in the episode “Big Drag Energy”.

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The powder blue coat is complete with gorgeous nails, high braids, stylish boots, and crisp makeup. She might not have pulled off the maxi challenge that week, but she showed up on the track and proved that she was leagues ahead of her competitors on the main stage.

Scene thieves (episode 8)

Krystal Versace wears a Cruella-inspired outfit for Scene Stealers in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

Every runway look in Season 3 proves that Krystal Versace is a fine pageant queen, but it’s especially evident in the episode “Bra Wars”. She lives out her “wicked fantasy” with a look inspired by Cruella, who is a virgin from head to toe.

Her two-tone wig, earrings for the gods, fingernails on the gloves, cigarette holder and massive red fur coat combine to create an impressive seamless look. She proves once again that she can succeed both on the maxi challenge and on the podium without ever sweating on her perfectly painted face.

Fugly Swimwear (episode 7)

Krystal Versace for Fugly Swimwear in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

If there is a Drag race scene that will live rent-free in the heads of fans of the Season 3 catwalks, it will likely be Krystal’s unexpected look for the episode “Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant”. For weeks the judges had told her to step out of her comfort zone, but even they were shocked at how far she would go in her “Fugly Swimwear”.

The Queen proves that she is more than a pretty face by literally sticking objects and sea creatures on her head. The ripped blue mesh and unsettling but flattering bodysuit complete the outfit, which she aptly describes as “barnacle beauty sweetheart.”

Ugly but Fashionable (Episode 7)

Krystal Versace for Fugly but fashionable in season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

Krystal was one of the few queens who actually got the assignment in the “Fugly But Fashionable” category of the “Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant” episode. She sort of gives the confusing figure and exaggerated design a high fashion feel, which is exactly what the judges were looking for on the main stage.

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Although she describes the outfit as something she “would never fit” because of its “obnoxious” look, she seems to genuinely enjoy serving the look on the runway. This is one of her most underrated outfits that really deserves more praise due to her gagging, not to mention the fact that she only had half an hour to put it on.

Oh my goddess (episode 9)

Krystal Versace wears gold for Oh My Goddess in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

By the time fans reach for the episode “The Pearly Gates Roast” they already know they can expect a crisp outfit from Krystal, but she still manages to amaze audiences with her “Oh My Goddess” catwalk look. “. Her immaculate helmet matches her golden velvet bodysuit, which is beautifully accented by the velvet waistband that wraps around her body.

It’s unsurprisingly dozens across the board for this look, which wows the judges and has fans at home cracking down. Even Mama Ru can’t help but say “so beautiful, my God” during the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Final Three Eleganza Extravaganza (Episode 10)

Krystal Versace wears a black dress and gold jewelry for Final Three Eleganza Extravaganza in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3.

The queen ends her time on RPDR with a typical Krystal look. The bodycon black dress is jaw-dropping over her cinched body, serving fans the best figure she has shown on the series so far. Her gold accessories perfectly complement the outfit, which she describes as “the essence of Krystal”, noting that she wants to show judges and fans “taste, fashion and elegance.”

Alan Carr captures what most viewers probably felt at the time, praising Krystal for always making her feel like “the front row of a fashion show” and applauding him for “saving the best until the end “. She looked radiant and deserved more than the crown in her runway look, which likely left fans gagging and crying a bit after the finale.

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