JewelEMarket, the Kohinoor of Indian Wholesale Fashion Imitation Jewelery Industry

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], January 13: When Ritesh Barbbaya, the Founder and CEO of, India’s first fashion imitation jewelry B2B wholesale platform, started receiving messages and calls from the imitation jewelry fraternity of fashion across India after the world was locked down due to Covid-19, the gravity and powerlessness of the offline community forced itself upon him to help them by creating a robust and scalable digital solution that would revive players nervous of the industry. Holding webinars, zoom calls with various manufacturers, traders and retailers across India, the blueprint for a workable solution was developed.

Ritesh’s business journey reached a fork when he chose to develop a wholesale e-commerce platform for fashion imitation jewelry to connect customers and sellers from India and across the world since has a decade-long successful experience in online B2C fashion management.’s jewelry business as well as selling on various online marketplaces.

There was a time when the fashion jewelry industry was chastised for “imitating” fine jewelry. However, with the development of high-tech equipment, especially through CAD and CAM, things have changed over the last decade. The imitation nature of jewelry has become the trend. Millennials in India and beyond are happy to wear costume jewelry, make a fashion statement and express their views on conscious buying., India’s leading B2B fashion imitation jewelry marketplace, connects MSME buyers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters and resellers with genuine manufacturers, wholesalers and designers in India and around the world. the stranger.

The range of jewelry includes the largest ever collection of Traditional and Fusion Indian Jewelry, Bridal Sets, Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Tikkas, Necklace Sets , Bindis, tattoos and hair accessories, among others.

JewelEMarket provides a 24×7 e-commerce ready digital store, brand recognition, social media customer acquisition through digital advertising and offline business for sellers. On the other hand, buyers do not need to leave their setup to visit multiple vendors across geographies, freedom to purchase any quantity from listed vendors, grouping of orders, attractive discounts on bulk orders, information on suppliers available on the brand page, etc. .

Ritesh Barbhaya, Founder and CEO of said, “Our online platform went live in July 2020 during the time of coronavirus infused lockdown in India. Inspired by jewelry shopping trends in times of Covid-19, I decided to start the online marketplace platform for fashion imitation jewelry. In one year of operation, we were able to deliver over 1,000 orders, generating revenue of over Rs 1.50 crore. has served orders across the states of India as well as international destinations like America (USA), Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Mauritius, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain. , Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Fiji, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, France, South Africa, Qatar, Dubai (UAE) and we look forward to serving our customers around the world

Ritesh added, “We have a 23% repeat order rate, 46% international orders, 100% quarter-over-quarter growth, over 50 supplier partners, 10,000 registered buyers and over 50 000 monthly visitors to the online platform.

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