GemRay, an online jewelry store, aims to promote small brands while contributing to breast cancer research

If you’ve started 2021 feeling a little lackluster, browsing the GemRay ™ brand site will bring a much-needed pop of color to your vanity. Its products – semi-precious and inexpensive – give the impression that they are made of my teenage dreams.

Her gold-plated jewelry marries delicate patterns to create a product worth obsessing about. Gold filled pendants can be crazy, but they’re all worth it! I especially love the Picasso face necklace for its creative look and absolutely adore the Rose Quartz Girl pendant for the sentiment.

Does the variety end there? Not the least. Dotted with gemstones like Amethyst, Cubic Zirconia, Moonstone, Swarovski and Opal, the pendants come in several cute designs mimicking hearts, chatons and the North Star. The vibrant purples and pinks are to die for!

The vast collection of matching (and unique) earrings, anklets, bracelets and rings can keep me busy for hours. Sometimes it’s the fire opal, sometimes the classic 24k gold plated earrings that make me want to cancel my bank account.

You now know that I love jewelry, especially when it comes at such a reasonable price. I love the convenience that GemRay ™ offers by giving me all kinds of trinkets at one stop.

The concept is nothing new. Instagram has always scrolled through jewelry brands. Each image was sharper than the last. Each gemstone shone brighter than the last. The ads were too tempting not to click, but nothing cost less than $ 100 or $ 120. For a single purchase, the deal may not seem outrageous. But I love my full vanity.

Enter GemRay ™ – a fine jewelry brand with budget buyers in mind. He delves into simple and timeless jewelry designs that will never go out of style. Not a penny wasted! No trending details here, but definitely a touch of quirk like in the gold pavé champagne glass mini earrings.

The timeless charm of these semi-precious pieces makes you want to buy them even more. I could be 70 and still look dapper with my Dancing Snake Ring. With the Starfish and Pearl anklets on the site, GemRay ™ has also taken care of my intermittent obsession with bohemian flair.

There is also something so satisfying about buying from a brand with a philanthropic edge. I felt responsible (read proud) for spending on their gemstone jewelry when I learned that 2% of that spending would go to breast cancer research organizations. GemRay ™ is also on a mission to give small brands the visibility they so need to be successful.

What else? These gemstone jewelry make great gifts for someone who enjoys everyday accessorizing. AND they don’t break the bank. Pinterest-worthy stones that come in a pop of colors make me feel decked out even in everyday outfits. These pieces are what I see women wearing in their famous Insta Golden Hour selfies. I’ve always wanted this aesthetic but never had the money for it. With GemRay ™ jewelry, that has changed. I liked it as a person living in a metropolis who didn’t want expensive jewelry from their mother, but something much more modest without looking like the fad of a children’s toy.

Kicking GemRay ™ has turned out to be a happy experience in more ways than one. I saw the rhinestone butterfly pendant and fell in love with its basic yet shiny style.

Not expecting much, I waited, imagining that the package would be delivered in a week. But now, it was in front of my door in 3 days! If the pandemic has done anything to me, it’s that she’s impatient for my parcel deliveries so a quick has made me irrationally happy. I didn’t even think much about the quality when the gemstone pendant necklace piece came for under $ 30. The 30-day free return policy made me complete the purchase anyway and with confidence, knowing I had nothing to lose.

Better. Bet. Never.

What I received was a quality rhinestone studded butterfly pendant that came in a gold plated link chain. The details were crisp. The jewelry was shiny and distinct, making a statement without hogging the spotlight.

These gemstone necklaces, rings and earrings make me feel pretty and a responsible spender – and buyer’s remorse stay away – it’s guilt-free shopping and I LOVE IT.