Bay Terrace jewelry store focuses on providing a personal customer experience –

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Alicia’s jewelers in Bay Terrace had humble beginnings before becoming a neighborhood staple.

The jewelry business was opened at the Bay Terrace Mall in 1986, according to store owner Lena Briskin. Her then-husband, whom she met when she immigrated to the United States, came from a family of jewelers and watchmakers.

“When I met him here in New York about 35 years ago, I was mainly doing computer programming and analysis and working in the city,” Briskin said. “Her dream has always been to open her own boutique and the opportunity arose in Bay Terrace because at that time there was an existing boutique there, a small jewelry store, which we bought in 1986.”

The shop was originally called Alicia’s Golden Dreams in honor of their daughter, Alicia, and was eventually abbreviated as Alicia’s Jewelers. Briskin said the idea for the name came from a dream of doing something “beautiful, sparkling and very special”.

Briskin recalled that the business started with her husband creating unique, handmade pieces due to the lack of modern technology.

“Basically everything was by hand, a lot of handmade jewelry [and] lots of different items. We always try to find unique pieces because our idea was always in mind to give something to a client or a client that is going to be unique, something [you’re] I won’t see in the next store, ”she said, adding that the jewelry was meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

Eventually, the store began to offer watches to meet customer demand and provide a versatile selection of products. Briskin said they have also expanded to include watch and jewelry repairs, gemstone appraisals and other one-stop services.

“We always have a skilled artisan jeweler on our staff and also a watchmaker who basically has a lot of experience in repairing and restoring timepieces,” she said.

According to Briskin, COVID-19 and online shopping have proven to be two of the biggest challenges for the family business.

“Personally, I never believed in online jewelry shopping. I think because jewelry is such a personal thing, it’s very important to have something that you try on, that you feel, ”she said. “When you go online you just have to click and with that click there is no romance. There are no services and experience [online] that we can offer you for free.

The business owner told QNS that customers will get the highest quality stones for their money by purchasing jewelry in-store rather than buying from online retailers.

She added that due to the in-person shopping experience, her salespeople are able to stay in touch with their customers and serve generations of families.

Briskin said engagements and wedding rings continue to be Alicia’s biggest sellers year-round, not just during the holiday season. Popular brands offered by the store include Shy Creations, Le Vian, and Pandora Jewelry.

She stressed the importance of having family brands in her store.

“We are a family business, we are looking to work with family watch companies, family jewelers because I think when you work with these designers you are not a number. They give you personal attention and it’s the same personal attention we give to our customers, ”Briskin said.

Alicia’s Jewelers is located at 21119 26th Ave. at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. You can find them on Instagram (@alicias_jewelers).