14 fashion secrets about and just like that … revealed

However, Rogers and Santiago’s plans for a brilliant 10-episode affair “fell apart” when they read the script for episode two, which featured – Spoiler alert! – a funeral for Mr. Big (Chris Noth). To keep the storyline shrouded in mystery, they called it a “black event,” Rogers revealed, adding, “Here’s the color exploding.”

Navigating how to simultaneously have Carrie in mourning while delivering the fashion moments fans want to see has been made easier by the Stanford dialogue meta-line (the late Willie Garson) in the episode, where he says, “I’m so proud of her. With everything she’s going through, pull it together and take a look at us today, because people expect it. She is sort of our Jackie kennedy. “

“I think that line really lightened up the moment,” Rogers said. “There was a big chuckle under the breath with the whole audience at the premiere. It helped relieve the tension.”

For the funeral, Carrie wore a vintage little black dress with a teacup silhouette, a V-neckline and a full lace skirt. In Bradshaw’s fashion, she paired it with a pearl clutch, black helmet, and white leather pumps. “The great thing about the script was that she was dressing up for Big,” Rogers said. “She wasn’t in shock, she was thinking about how she wanted to present herself at this event, so we had to style it.”

But Carrie’s shock is fully visible when she visits the funeral home with Charlotte. Although both women wear the same color, they couldn’t be more different.

“Charlotte was the pretty gathered in pink and Carrie was the emotional wreck in the oversized pink coat,” Rogers explained. “We haven’t changed it. She just looks a bit curled up and her clothes were a bit sad because they didn’t fit her.”

And a key part of expressing Carrie’s grief came from Parker herself.

“She wears the same jewelry as the jewelry in the recital,” Rogers revealed. “These little details were extremely important to Sarah Jessica, ‘What would I have done? I wouldn’t have changed my earrings, I wouldn’t have taken them off.’ These little details, she expected us to follow. “