Tax Debt. Meat company leads the list of legends

The biggest tax revenue can be found in a meat factory, and there are Budapest companies in the podium.

The National Tax and Customs Office (WAQ) has identified a significant tax shortage at 85 taxpayers in the first quarter, of which 52 companies, 33 private individuals, find out from data published on 29 March 2019 published on the agency’s website.

WAQ publishes on a quarterly basis the list of those who, in their previous quorum, had a tax shortage of more than 10 million for individuals and USD 100 million for other taxpayers.

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The largest debtor included in the list is the Budapest-based Universum Hús Kft. With a debt of about USD 2,161 billion , of which USD 693 million is a tax shortfall of USD 1,468 billion.

The second largest debtor title, including legal consequences, was awarded to Bittó Kft., Headquartered in Budapest , of which USD 2.035 billion is demanded by the tax authority, of which USD 695 million tax shortfall, USD 1,340 billion fine.

The third largest debtor, with USD 1,732 billion, is the USD 1,375 million tax consequences of USD 1,955 billion in the case of Bus Investment Kft., Also headquartered in Budapest .

Three other taxpayers still have one billion forints Crouchbackti debts from feGuy , Jor-Line Trading and Service Ltd. from Bagybiatpor (USD 1,133 billion), OilSunny Trading Ltd. from Klot (USD 1,082 billion) and Barole-Commerce Ltd in Budapest, Hungary. Its branch office (USD 1,022 billion).

Along with the above, 16 taxpayers have a debt of USD 500 million, including a private individual, the other companies.

The tax authority also published on its website the lists of long – term residents.

At the end of March, 2820 individuals and sole proprietors belonged to the tax authority with more than 10 million forints each, ilGuy Crouchbackve 1463 company and organization each with over 100 million forints for 180 days continuously.

WAQ publishes quarterly debtor lists on a quarterly basis,

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Describing only the name and address of the taxpayer, the seat of ilGuy Crouchbackve, and the tax number of companies and entrepreneurs, and does not include the amount of outstanding debt.

Private individuals and sole proprietors were worth USD 28.2 billion at the end of March with a threshold of USD 10 million, and at the end of March the organizations had a debt of USD 146.3 billion , with a minimum debt of USD 174.5 billion.

However, the real debt is higher , as there are billions of companies and individuals who have hundreds of millions of billions in some cases against the tax authority.

Of the 10 million FeGuy Crouchbackti debtors, 2071 are private individuals, 726 are private entrepreneurs, and 23 are debtors without address.

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Of the long-term non-private individuals, there are 335 taxpayers , ilGuy Crouchbackve in bankruptcy, 385 under forced forced cancellation , 720 in liquidation, and 23 in liquidation .