Bill on the rescue of foreign currency debtors

Monday’s parliamentary session continued with a general and detailed debate on the bill to save foreign currency debtors. In the debate, the MSZP complained that the cabinet had not resolved the problem in three years, Jobbik said it was necessary to investigate government liability, and the LMP criticized that they wanted to repair the damage with public money.
Rogan: At least one solution must be provided to everyone

According to Good Finance’s faction leader

Aleast one solution must be provided to everyone’s problem with their foreign currency loans, so they are allowing everyone to enter the exchange rate barrier and extend the enforcement moratorium until April 30.
Antal Rogán, in an exposé of a summary of the bill’s general and detailed debate, said that due to the enforcement moratorium, no one would be allowed to take his apartment by the end of April.
He added that I would also like to provide a currency barrier to those who have a payment delay of more than 90 days. According to him, there are more than one hundred thousand people who are late in payment, enforcement has not yet started against them, but they would like some help. They will also be able to cancel their debt at a fixed exchange rate of CHF 180, he said.

He said there were three ways to fight


P, on the street and in law, he said it was a mistake for the government to wait for court rulings. The Honorable Member recalled that, in 1995, a change to the Law on Credit Institutions had established currency-based lending.
The Member said it was strange that only an enforcement moratorium had been pushed through until the issue was resolved, but before the elections.

He stressed that there is now an empty bench for the accused, which Jobbik would fill with bank executives, supervisors who were involved in the “fraud of the century”, and that government liability should also be investigated.

They cannot instruct the courts


Gábor Vágó (LMP) pointed out that the parliament does not have the means to order the courts to do anything. He added that since it is a defective financial product, no financial instrument can legalize the fact that the banks will charge the exchange rate to the debtors.

In his view, if the bank wanted to enforce its claim, it would have to go to court and only be able to be evicted if it successfully won this lawsuit.
He believed that it was obvious that the banks had exploited their dominant position, not the risk, but their passing on to customers. However, in this situation, the government is not amending the legislation to prevent it from being repeated, but

The problem hasn’t been solved for three years

In his speech, István Józsa (MSZP) stressed that the government had “besieged” the creditors in various ways since the fall of the forint exchange rate three years ago, but the problem was not resolved. The forint is not strengthening, there is no economic growth, people are no longer earning, and more people are becoming unemployed, he added.
The Member also said that they had previously said that the conditions for exchange rate gaps should not be narrowed to a specific group and asked why not institute private bankruptcy?