Bill on the rescue of foreign currency debtors

Monday’s parliamentary session continued with a general and detailed debate on the bill to save foreign currency debtors. In the debate, the MSZP complained that the cabinet had not resolved the problem in three years, Jobbik said it was necessary to investigate government liability, and the LMP criticized that they wanted to repair the damage […]

Debt consolidation up to 180 months

Installment loan simulation Increasingly frequently seeking to pass on the suggestion is established in degree. You need to present very high guarantees on the market, then it is communicated by the guarantor to pay substantial or mobile, and with a serious and closing project of the banks a list of bad payers is required. The […]

Fast cash – for the people in debt

Payday loans are instant loans, whose popularity is now really great. It results, among others, from an extremely shortened, simplified loan procedure. Many people ask whether it is possible to receive a payday loan, not by presenting an ID card, but by providing a driving license. Identity cards are required by payday loans companies not […]